Welcome to Baal Vridhi Foundation!

Objectives: Baal-Vridhi foundation is based on the child rights, which we use to bring children's rights to the top of national agenda. We also do our best to empower local people to campaign for the children's rights in their area and promote to use the advocacy tools. We do our best and proactively campaign on specific issues that need urgent attention. Our work is based on 4 core beliefs. We believe in rights, not charity. We are stronger when we work together. Information is power and it should be free and accessible. We believe in promoting children's and woman rights, not ourselves.

Our Mission: The mission of Baal-Vridhi foundation is to advance the education of children and youth experiencing homeless. Guiding them to be productive empowered citizens.

We believe that.... Homeless is a condition, not an identity. Education empowes youth and children to lead fulfilling lives. parents are critical power in their children's education and rights. Hope provides a bridge to the future. Every community is responsible for eliminating homeless.

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Child Education


Our volunteers are tirelessly working to enlighten children of slums with education. We see the potential curiosity in the very children living in slums and many other under developed areas with desire to change the world. Therefore we try to bring them free education with your humble contributions to our trust.

Digital Awareness

We aim that one is able to understand and utilize technology in easy manner.

Education for all

Our mission is “Every Child is in school and learning well“. Books for all campaign.

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